Level 1:

The employee has a personal problem with no job performance decline.

  1. Offer support and remind the employee of the EAP benefit. Employees and their family members will receive free, confidential, short-term counseling.

Level 2:

There is job performance decline.

  1. Meet with the employee and give them feedback on their work performance issues. Offer the CAP as a resource that may help them improve their performance. This would be the employee’s voluntary decision.
  2. The supervisor can share information with the CAP counselor to assist them in helping the employee.
  3. The CAP counselor can share information back to the manager IF the employee signs a Release of Information.
  4. Be sure the employee understands that with or without CAP involvement, job performance must improve.

Level 3:

There is performance decline with a safety concern.

  1. Call CAP and HR to initiate the Fitness for Duty policy.
  2. Get a witness and document.
  3. Meet with the employee.
  4. Suspend the employee pending an investigation.
  5. Document.