Crisis Care International Corporate Assistance Program can be a valuable partner with the manager. Here are some examples of how this service can help you with employee situations:

Employee Counseling

My employee is having marital problems and I’m really concerned. What should I do?

Remind the employee about the Corporate Assistance Program. It’s easy. It’s free, and it’s confidential!

Manager Referrals

My employee is having performance problems, but I think if he resolves some of his personal problems, he would be back functioning well at work. What should I do?

Managers can refer employees who are having performance problems to the CAP. It’s especially helpful if the manager will contact the CAP and give us information before we see the employee. The Manager Referral Form can be found on our website. Fill it out and fax it to us.

Team Building

Our team is not working well together. There is a lot of backbiting. What can I do?

Call and schedule a time to meet with one of our counselors. They will assess the situation and help you develop a team intervention plan. The plan could include a team-building meeting, a training session or manager coaching.

Manager Consultation

I have an employee in my office that reports that his wife kicked him out of the home last night and he has nowhere to go. What do I do?

Give us a call! A counselor can provide the employee with a variety of ideas and resources.

Crisis Interventions

I just learned that one of my long-term employees died last night. What do I do?

Call 866.900.1229 and speak to our crisis counselor. They will walk you through steps to support the employee’s family and your staff.