About Us

Crisis Care International assists associates with confidential counseling services. One-on-one sessions, online information, coaching and support services are offered for such things as:

  • Dependent care issues
  • Dealing with the stress of a major life change (even a positive one)
  • Having or adopting a child
  • Getting married
  • Moving or buying a home
  • Getting a promotion.

Crisis Care International can also help with serious personal or professional concerns, such as general anxiety, depression, substance abuse, burnout, coping with illness, the loss of a loved one, relationship challenges, or resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Employee Assistance Programs should do more than simply react to a situation. They should be proactive, with services designed to stem workplace problems, such as substance abuse and depression. Traditionally a professional would assess a crisis, such as alcohol or drug abuse, and then make a referral.

At Crisis Care International (CCI) we have steered away from this antiquated and limited EAP model.

Our approach to Crisis Intervention is more accurately called a Corporate Assistance Program. We become an extension of your organization – part of your team. When a crisis occurs, your call will not simply be sent to a referral, it will be answered by a counselor immediately ready to help.

Furthermore, we manage and resolve conflicts in your organization with team-building and whole-life services. We can help you handle problems before they escalate, meeting your employee’s needs, and optimizing the emotional health of your workplace.